Vibe Club


The ALL NEW V.I.B.E. Club offers a POINTS REWARD SYSTEM that is designed to give you even more bang for your buck and more of the delicious Boost Smoothies, Juices and Crushes that you love.


Activate your card and get:

  • A FREE Boost on your birthday
  • Truckloads of special offers
  • Fabulous e-mail updates
  • Access to super exclusive competitions

Wanna be a member?

Collect 10 stamps on your stamp
card and you’re in! Contact Steve for any comments and questions on 011 454 0302 or email

Why the new V.I.B.E club?

Say what?!  A faster, cooler reward system? Yes please! You will receive one FREE smoothie, juice or crush after enjoying 10 of your favourite Boost beverages! So, your 11th smoothie, juice or crush is absolutely FREE! Not to mention you can also look forward to even more awesome special offers, exclusive competitions and first-to-know Boost news. Really no need to thank us – you’re welcome!

How does it work?

It’s very simple! Grab your VIBE card and update your details on That’s it. You can start collecting points right this minute but you need to activate your card first in order to claim your freebie. Now every time you visit your favourite Boost Juice Bar you will receive one point per drink (i.e. 3 drinks = 3 points!) instead of the discount. Once you have accumulated 10 points you will get your next one FREE!

Can I start collecting points before I sign up online?

Yes you can, but just remember you can’t claim your free drink until you sign up!

You will receive one point with the purchase of any size drink in the following categories

  • Super Smoothies
  • Low-Fat Smoothies
  • Skinnies
  • Sports
  • Fruit crushes
  • Fresh Juices
  • Indulgence

Specific exclusions: Combo’s, Super Snacks, Boosters, Coffee, and Promotional Items.

Be on the lookout for exciting V.I.B.E exclusive promotions in which you can earn double points on selected items!

V.I.B.E. Club Terms and Conditions – CLICK HERE