Our People

Passionate People

Managing Director & General Manager:

Renier Hattingh (renier@nyumnyum.co.za)

Operations Managers:

Neil Bisset (neil@nyumnyum.co.za )

Steve Lutambo (steve@nyumnyum.co.za)

Marketing Manager:

Wian Smith (wian@nyumnyum.co.za)

Finance Manager:

Paul Slabbert (paul@nyumnyum.co.za)

Sales, Property and New Business Manager:

Louis Kirstein (louis@nyumnyum.co.za)

Training & Franchise Consultants:

Neil Bisset (neil@nyumnyum.co.za )

Steve Lutambo (steve@nyumnyum.co.za)

Administration Manager:

Jamie Souma (jamie@nyumnyum.co.za)

Our business ethosThe Boost business ethos includes: choosing to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE; treating the people I work with as the BEST in the business; looking for OPPORTUNITIES not problems; doing things TODAY not tomorrow; generating ENTHUSIASM; SELF MOTIVATION is the key to success; SMILING and having FUN.

The young business team bring with them impeccable entrepreneurial backgrounds, with strong business savvy and a hunger for FUN not to mention that they are totally devoted to being FAT FREE!