Make workouts work for you

Make workouts  work for you

Before You Start

The pain barrier is there for a reason! If you’re sore or aching, see a doctor or physiotherapist or at least give your body some time to recover. You don’t want to make an injury worse.

Fuel yourself! Fuel up on carbohydrates if you’re planning a vigorous workout.

Allow some time! Leave around two hours between meals and workout or you might find yourself feeling a little poorly.

Grab a friend! Everything is easier with a friend in tow so try and find someone to exercise with; it’s much easier to get motivated.

Warm Up! Make sure you do some relevant stretches before starting. A 10 minute jog can also be a good idea or some light reps if you’re weight training.

During your workout

Keep hydrated! Especially if it’s hot, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your workout.

Do it the right way! You don’t want to injure yourself; make sure your technique is solid and get some advice from an expert if need be. Use a heart rate monitor! For cardiovascular fitness, they’re the ultimate tool to gauge your intensity and progress and they never lie! For resistance training, use it to see that the body is fully rested between sets.

Keep it interesting! Vary the intensity, time and location. Explore your potential for the activity.

After your workout

Cool down properly! Your muscles and cardiovascular system need a gradual slow down. Take the time to warm-down; you’ll feel much better the next day.

Keep a record! Keep track of what you do to train for a competition or just to record your achievements. Listen to your heart (and body)! Get used to
how your body feels post-workout so you can distinguish between an ache and something more serious.

Rest! Rest! Rest! Daily workouts are great but it’s also important to take regular breaks, particularly if you’re doing weight training. It’s during rest that your body repairs itself and you get stronger.

Calorie counter!

Ever wonder how many calories you’re burning for every 10 minutes you sweat it out on the treadmill or hit the tennis court?

Activity calorie

  • running: 130
  • swimming: 105
  • basketball: 90
  • tennis: 75
  • aerobics: 68
  • cycling: 65
  • walking: 50
  • gardening: 46
  • sleeping: 11

These are rough figures and will vary from person to person depending on a range of factors including weight and intensity of the workout.

Make workouts  work for you
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