Boost Juice History

Our History

History in South Africa –

In 2005, on a trip to the US to run the New York Marathon, Lyle Peters and Mike Bray got hooked on smoothies. Within a few months of their return they had secured the rights to launch Boost in the South African Market.

While the juice bar concept is relatively new in South Africa, the way in which Boost presents the concept is fresh and novel for retail in general. Boost was never simply about the healthy and great-tasting juice or smoothie – the brand is based on the entire Boost Experience which takes place every time a customer enters a store. The Boost store is clearly differentiated from similar concept stores by the unique branding and design. The store comes alive by integrating ‘fun with fruit’ with bright vibrant colours. The larger than life fruit defines and demonstrates exactly what Boost Juice is about. This experience is a combination of a fantastic product, served by positive and energetic people who greet you with a smile and are polite enough to call you by your first name, with fun music to match.

One of the unique benefits of Boost Juice is its ability and flexibility to fit into small areas. The store can be a small as 14 sqm or as large as 100 sqm. The kiosks are designed to not interrupt the sight lines of other tenants and to create a flow that does not impede on the general flow of traffic in the centre.

Boost’s distinctive tactical marketing campaigns and customer relations strategy further set the brand apart from its competitors. The “Boost Guarantee” asks customers to email Boost if they are not happy with the service, product or experience they have encountered, and every single email is followed up. This ensures customers have an opportunity for one-to-one communication if they want to share their experiences and feedback, whether positive or negative.

Where it all began –

While accompanying her husband Jeff on a trip the US, Janine Allis saw a hole in the Australian market for a healthy fast food alternative. As a consumer she had always struggled to find anything healthy to eat and drink when she was short of time, particularly to find something healthy for her boys.

So upon returning to Australia she developed a business plan and raised $250,000 through friends investing in the concept to get the plan underway.

Janine consulted with nutritionists and naturopaths to create a menu of healthy juices and smoothies that were free of preservatives, artificial flavours, and colours. She is passionate about creating products that are as healthy as possible and continues to research new ways to make the products better and better. Her range of TD4 low-fat frozen yoghurts used in the smoothies contains live cultures streptococcus thermophillis and lactobacillus delbruekil for added nutritional benefits.

The first store opened in Adelaide in 2000, and over the following six years more than 189 stores have opened throughout Australia and throughout the rest of the world.

Janine has experienced every facet of the company, from painting the floor in the first store and working in the store, to negotiating the purchase of another juice bar chain. This has allowed her to fully understand and develop the growing business, and implement specific procedures as part of the total business plan.