A word from  our nutritionist

Recently at Boost we’ve started working with Shane Bilsborough, a leading nutritionist to help us keep making our products even better for you!

As well as working with Boost on product development and nutritional consulting, Shane is also director of two corporate health companies, B Personal and Global Corporate Challenge.


“South Africans need to pay more attention to health and nutrition. Instead of feeding hunger pangs with junk food, we should look for healthy alternatives. A smoothie with real fruit, yoghurt and juice or milk acts as a great natural pick-me-up, or a freshly squeezed fruit or veggie juice can be a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that still tastes great.”

Getting Fit

Facts on fitness

Fact 1

Walking at a brisk pace for half an hour each day, or three or more hours a week can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 65%.

Fact 2

It’s never too late to start! No matter how unfit you are to start with, it’s all about developing your own routine and sticking to it.

Fact 3

If you’re short on time, simply adding movement to your daily routine can increase your level of fitness. Park in the last row of the car park and walk briskly five minutes each way between your office and your car. Walk up and down the stairs at your office for a total of 10 minutes throughout the day and walk the dog for 10 minutes when you get home and you will have racked up 30 minutes of exercise!

Fact 4

Walking at a brisk pace (around 6km per hour) burns almost as many calories as jogging for the same distance. Jogging is still best since it takes less time to cover the same distance and can be good for your bones but it can be too strenuous for some.

Fact 5

It takes about 12 weeks after starting an exercise programme to see measurable changes in your body so don’t expect miracles. However, you will notice increased strength and endurance which will help your motivation.

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